Tuesday, May 19, 2009


One of the main reasons I made this blog is because I constantly have people asking about my art and where they can buy it, etc. These paintings are kind of how I have made my name. These are done purely with spraypaint on a 2 foot by three foot canvas. They are original pieces that I often sell . Most of these are portraits I have wanted to do, but a couple are also commisioned work. I have about twenty five different portraits so this is only a few.

Marilyn Monroe copyright 2008

Elvis Presley copyright 2008

Madonna copyright 2008

Betty Page copyright 2008

Marv- Sin City

Edward Scissorhands copyright 2008


I decided to take an airbrush class a few semesters ago and I absolutely love it. Anyone who is trying to learn how to draw should pick up an airbrush. There are so many things that I have improved upon in my drawing technique because of my recent use of the airbrush. I plan on spending alot more time on it in the future. Here are my first portraits I have played with.


Salvador Dali

Abraham Lincoln

I did this painting for my grandpa Calvin. He loved John Wayne. I was never able to give this painting to him.

The Shining


Eye Study

Art Show

Thank you to everyone that supported me at my art show last year. I got a very good turn out out. I got to talk to over three hundred people about my art I had been working on for the last few months. Im planning on doing another one this summer. Here are some pictures from the show.
My beautiful wife

A few pieces from the show. Marilyn Monroe, " The Shining", Elvis, Madonna (back to back), Big Black, Audrey Hepburn, John Wayne.

This is a simple piece I did with India ink and watercolors. I wanted to portray the primary colors in an interesting way.