Sunday, November 16, 2014

Painting Overload!!!

 It has been a long time since I have updated this blog. I am currently looking to convert this blog into a website. These are some of the projects that I have been working on the past few months. I apologize for picture quality of some of the pictures. I have been terrible at taking pictures with our SLR camera so a lot of these were taken on my phone. I was fortunate enough to get a booth at this years Salt Lake City Comic Con and I did a five painting series I titled "monsters and Villains". These were all done on high quality stained wood and were painted with rattle can spray paint. My Darth Vader sold out the first day so I was up late painting as many as I could for the rest of the convention. I did really well at Comic Con this year and I will definitely be back for next years show.

Storm Trooper
Skull Study
Storm Trooper
Darth Vader - By far my best seller!

I got an opportunity to do a line drawing of the St George temple for the very talented Mandi Gubler at I did this with a pen on a high quality Velum paper. Mandi is insanely talented and turns everything she touches into gold so I had no problem doing this drawing for her. This is the second piece of  that is now hanging in her home.

This is a Cherry Blossom Mural I did for Muse salon in South Jordan, Utah. It ended up being around 20 feet long and 5 feet high.

6 foot by 4 foot bike painting on wood.

I was asked to do a collaboration with a friend of mine Tyler Lamph. He is a crazy good artist that likes to use vivid images and lots of color. He told me I could do whatever I wanted so I tried something a little different. Tyler used a a ton of color on his side so I decided to use a limited color palette of white, black, and red. 

This is another line drawing of the Gilbert, Arizona temple.

This train painting was one of my favorite large scale paintings I have ever done. It was done with acrylic paint on high quality wood. I believe this one was shipped off to the east coast. Below is the approval sketch I send to every customer I work with.

The finished product. 6 foot by 4 foot painting on wood.

 This is the train painting hanging in the customers home. I absolutely love the way that a painting can completely transform a space. This painting fits perfectly in this home.

This Amelia Earhart painting is one that I have wanted to do for a long time. This is painted on a high quality wood with a blonde stain and spray paint. Only 2 of these paintings exist and my brother has the other one hanging in his home.

8 foot by 4 foot bicycle painting on stained wood.

6 foot by 4 foot bicycle painting hanging in an office.

Thanks for taking a peek into what I have been up to lately! If you want any commissioned artwork please contact me at