Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Skateboard Design Contest and Commision Piece

I recently got a call from my little brother Corbin telling me about a skateboard design contest for a local skate shop. Well the Deadline was the next day and i decided to go buy the deck. I sqeeked out this piece with an airbrush and some acrylic paint. I ended up taking first place so i was super stoked! Nothing like a first place prize and free snowboard gear.

This longboard was a commisioned piece I did for a friend. I loved it because he told me an idea of what he wanted and let me do the rest. I love pin-up art so I was excited to do this piece. He asked for a pin up on a bomb. Its not an original piece of mine but i am very pleased with it. Its acrylic on wood.


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  1. Was that the picture on the Enola Gay? Either way, pretty rockin. You are muy talented.