Monday, January 16, 2012

Commissioned Pet Portrait times 2

I know that I have said this before on this blog, but I LOVE doing pet portraits! I think it makes me feel a little more normal because of how obsessed I am with my dog Duke. Anyone that will hang a large portrait of their pet in their home has a special place in my art. These dogs were fun to paint. The images that the client sent me were absolutely perfect! Perfect lighting, good poses, and you can tell that the picture captures the personality of the dog. These paintings were both done on 20 x 30 stretched canvas. I have been getting a lot of questions about the size that I like to do pet portraits on. Well 20 x 30 is a perfect size. The bigger the better in my eyes!

I am going to start personalizing my art blog a little bit so customers can start learning a little bit more about me. I am 24 years old and married to my best friend. We have a 20 month old little boy named Charlie that is my whole world. He is my little buddy and I love that he always wants to be doing what I am doing. From helping me paint to fixing things around our house, he is always right behind me watching what I am doing. Duke is our two and a half year old Great Dane. We got him when he was four weeks old and bottle fed him until he was eight weeks old. He is the best dog and my second shadow. I work full time at a medical company and take 18 credits a semester to be a Respiratory Therapist. All of the rest of my time is given to my family. When I get home I spend time with Krysten, Charlie, and Duke. After I get my studying done I finally get time to paint and work on my art. By the time I get to start painting its about midnight. I paint from midnight till about three AM then start all over again the next day. I love this picture of my little man and I. I want to get him started early!!!

This is another thing I get a lot of questions signature. Yes......It has a Frowny face in it.....Yes it quicj and unique..........and No I am not a doctor. HA


  1. Jon- I want to thank you for the amazing portraits you did of my dogs. I loved that you love Duke as much as I love Mya and Sage. I also love that I am not alone either in how much I love my dogs. I will seriously cherish these forever! I have already gotten a lot of messages and texts asking for your information so I hope you are okay with me giving it out. Thanks again!

  2. How much do you charge for these? I have been looking to do a portrait of our pup for a gallery wall. I thought it would be so fun, and haven't found anyone really interested in painting my dog - go figure!