Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Commisioned Mural and Canvas

I recently got the chance to do an awesome commisioned mural in an up and coming Marketing companies conference room. They had seen my art and wanted a portrait done in gray tones. I was super excited when they told me they wanted Einstein on their wall. I love when a client gives me the freedom and trust do whatever portrait I want of the person and I can paint it to any size I wanted as well. I of course decided to go as big as I could with the portrait. It went from the floor to the ceiling and ended up being ten feet tall and eight feet wide.


I had only planned on doing the mural, but after I finished painting the owners decided that they wanted three paintings to go in their front sitting area. They really wanted portraits of people that were innovative and thought outside the box. They ended up choosing three men that fit that profile perfectly: Andy Warhol, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford. Their whole office was gray tones with pops of color so they wanted these portraits to be gray tones as well.

Henry Ford

Thomas Edison

Andy Warhol

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